High Earners and “HOT” Buget topics

Alistair Darling presented his second Budget on Wednesday 22 April 2009.

Having acknowledged the depth of the recession, he hinted that the Budget measures would enable the UK economy to begin to grow ‘by the end of the year’. Our round up highlights the key budget headlines likely to affect you and your business.

• From 6 April 2010 there will be a 50% top rate of tax for those with taxable income over £150,000 and in the following tax year the government has also announced its intention to restrict tax relief on pension savings for this group.

• A phased reduction of personal allowances for those with income over £100,000 is also due to impact from 6 April 2010. 

• The amount which can be invested in an ‘ISA’ account the tax free savings vehicle

is to increase by £3,000 to £10,200.

• The ability to use trade losses through relief in earlier years by both an unincorporated business and a company has been enhanced. 

• There is a temporary additional capital allowance on plant expenditure which may benefit those with higher levels of spending on plant and machinery. 

• Changes to the rules for Furnished Holidays Lettings Losses and CGT as well as a extension of the furnished holiday lettings scheme to properties in the European Economic Area.

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